atf box update v10.11 Free Download


1. Added CHERRY MOBILE - MSM8225 / MSM8225Q setting in eMMC Tool. (FREE - NO NEED ACTIVATION)

2. CM FLAME S100 eMMC TP PIX + Repair Procedure via eMMC TP Released here:
Cherry Mobile Flare S100 - FULL REPAIR via eMMC Test Points

Firmware Version Required : 10.3.80

[New ATF Box Firmware]

LogiCore 10.3.80

* Fixed SD Card Bruteforce Communication Bug
* Increased JTAG Activation Time Out
* Improved Toshiba eMMC Handling for ATF Chrome Boxes


New ATF JTAG Exe - v.1.0.1 build 1453
* Added Cherry Mobile Flare S100 Factory Restore JBv45
- Can be used to repair "Dead Boot" Phones
- Can be used on totally blank eMMC or new eMMC replacements


* Uploaded new BIG BOOT Files for Lumia 820 and 920
- Can be used for "USB Flashing Error" after BOOT REPAIR


* Added FREE "NO-TP" Lumia 800 via flashing Original Nokia Factory OSBL Files


* Added Firmware Check notification when flashing phones via FBUS or USB

[Infineon XG223]

* Added LifeTimer Read/Write/Reset for new XG223 phones (501, 309, 308...)
* Improved XG618 Buscheck Detection

[General Updates]

* Added "Restore EEPROM" button in Box Tools tab
- You can use this button instead of using MPROG or FT_PROG
* Complete Product Listing in Nokia.ini (as of August-31-2013)

Who will buy this if you can get more in ATF?


  1. Hey buddy, thanks for the quick download link for the flash file.
    I've been unable to download it from any of the previous links I found on other sites.
    Nice job meh, your blog reminds me of an equally helpful and interesting blog on my reading list All Mobile Solution Here.
    keep up the good work.



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